For visiting pilots

Welcome to the west coast!

If you are a foreign paragliding pilot You must become familiar with danish national rules and regulations. Start with checking out Danish Hanggliding and Paragliding Union’s website about the topic here. See the sites General Information for Visiting Pilots, Rules and regulation and Code of Conduct as well.

Give away rules when coastal/ridgesoaring
Please pay attention to where other pilots are around you at all times. Whoever has the ridge on his left side, must alter course to the right. See the picture below.

If you have the ridge on your left-hand side you must give way, by flying to the right, away from the ridge.

You must give way in good time and keep ample distance in order to avoid collapses on the shadowed glider. Remember a lot of students are flying as well.

Flying at Vejers beach
If You have plans on flying at Vejers beach You should be aware that it is a military zone with special regulations (a restricted area) – If You see a red globe raised as seen on the picture below, flying may not be allowed at Vejers! Flying anyway may result in a total ban against flying at Vejers beach so all pilots must respect the rules.

Dette billede har en tom ALT-egenskab (billedbeskrivelse). Filnavnet er csm_ballon_up_ned_skytte02_1683b629d6-1.png
A raised globe as seen on the right means that there is military activity in the area.

Before heading out to fly check out for activity in the area. It is not enough to check for raised red globes due to recent new activites in the nearby area.

There is an article here where You can read more about flying in the restricted areas near Vejers albeit in danish.

Tranum beach and Halk beach are also paragliding spots that are located in military areas.

If You have any questions do not hesitate to contact us – We are happy to help!
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Happy flying!